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The Morning Star Arises

As I awaken this morning, I am greeted with a flood of information which I am certain, God never intended for me to take on. It seems our world has gone crazy. Article after article with events that seem too bizarre to be true. Most of us can relate to the feeling of desiring to stand on a great vantage point and just shout to the world "STOP!"

Then that small voice comforts us. That still small voice that whispers, "I am here, listen to me!" For years I spent running in circles only meant I choose not to listen to that voice. The voice that says, "This is my plan, this is what you were made for, just stay in your lane!" For the greatest enemy of God's glorious blessings and will for us is the constant "good" cause, or fighting the wrong battles!

Just as the morning started quietly without me awake with the sun rising so beautifully, so it is rising today. Jesus is literally rising upon this world, yet you would have to set your alarm for it and wake up on time and go to the place where you could see this beauty. That place is the Word of God and it's shining brighter and brighter!

Peter the Apostle admits that when the early church wrote the New Testament, they were in a "dark place" 2 Peter 1:19 compared to those who would come after. Declaring that at some point in the future a generation would experience, "until the day dawns and the morning star arises in your hearts." v19 so we were to "pay close attention" v19 This fascinates me how these statements came from a generation that cared so much what God had in store for those who believe in Him, yet it wasn't for them. Jesus specifically saying, "not for You" Acts 1:7 Yet today we have taken that to mean us. So we, the church today, don't seem to care or be concerned with His fast approaching promise, our inheritance. Why? Because we have taken the bible out of context, we have put a mountain in front of the rising SON, so of course we can't see the beauty that is happening right now!

As I get past breakfast, and realize how fast my day can get burned up with the cares of this world, which for me now is the stress of marketing the book I just published, Awakening Glory: The Morning Star Arises, so here I am writing to you with urgency. Why would God choose me with no degree to my name, divorced failure after 55 years to start a ministry in my older age. Why does God do anything? Doesn't He always fool with men who think they are so smart, using fishermen, concealing truth from the arrogant!

For here's a book that will show you biblically speaking from the mouth of the prophets who heard God in the bible and even the greatest prophet Jesus, that we are in the final decade of this age. My case for a timely end is biblically sound, but is anyone listening? How are we to not be a bit concerned when Jesus is ONLY COMING for "those who are eagerly awaiting Him" Hebrews 9:28 Would not those that are excited about a return not be interested in what the bible has to say? Because we think this is the same old story of what has gone before us, many failed attempts to predict. The boy who cried wolf syndrome.

Except I am not trying to predict a date. In fact I would admit at least the truth "no one knows the day or hour" Matthew 24:36 has meaning within its context "the day Noah entered the ark" v38. Which sure isn't referring to a period of time but a specific 24 hour period a moment an "hour" in time when Christ arrives as previously mentioned [cf. v27]! Yet we have expanded our definition to rule out any understanding of the timeframe God is working in.

Consider how the Christian world has adopted believe systems that this very verse itself contradicts. For example, after telling us that at this point in time 30AD "no one knows" v36 Jesus then goes on to declare "Father alone" knows. If Father God knows, then Jesus cannot come at "ANYTIME" as preached. If the reference to this "day" is actually kept in context to the rest of Jesus worlds previously spoken then that day occurs after the Great Tribulation starts. [cf. see the placement of Matthew 24:22 and verse 27 with "then" used] In other words, your Pre Tribulation Theorist experts are using on you a passage that proves their theory wrong.

If Jesus says "when these things begin to take place" did we not consider that this one verse proves Post & Pre positions incorrect scripturally. My point is why let others reinterpret the beauty of the Son's rise for you when the picture they have been giving you is false!

My job here is to find a way to get you interested in reading my book. Why? Because it is packed full of scripture references proving what other references mean and allowing you to do your own search of scriptures. Why? I mean why is important to know the end from where we sit today? Just imagine how difficult our day will be to keep up with? Birth-pangs are like a Manic Depressive episode. Up one day down the next, with hope no hope. Yet our hope is in His timely return because He cared enough to tell the generation for which it applied when He is coming.

Remember this as I need to run off to my numerous things that fill my day. "Surely the Lord God does nothing unless He reveals His secret counsel to His servants the prophets ..." Amos 3:7 This means He didn't need to reveal His coming correctly to any other generation but the last! Tag You are it! As for me I must get this message out, "The Lord has spoken (in the scriptures of the Bible)! Who can but prophesy?" Amos 3:8

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