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"Mysterious Days of the King"
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Urgent Message For Our Day

by cj Michaels 

   I want to cry out "Is anyone listening?" Since we moved to Georgia 3 years ago and focused on building a media center to spread the message of my book which came through exhaustive research and time on my knees, I haven't had a chance to hit my stride until now. When I look back at the last 3 years it has occurred to me how much struggle it has been for us to gain the ears of His people. We seem more interested in the popular narratives of our day, than we do the truth of the Word of God.

 The sea of deception and miscalculations based on assumptions and borrowed narratives is endless. When I wrote my book no one cared for the "End Times" subject but now everyone is chasing understanding but what they are getting is opinions of man and not provable two or three witnesses from contextual bible analysis.

   My book exposes why these "itching ear revelations" are so dangerous, why these lies are stealing from His bride the joy of what is ahead for her. God is not random, His timing is perfect. He has shown us in His word a consistent pattern to reveal to only the generation to which it will occur the beauty of perfection as shown by the prophets. Well that time has arrived, we are that generation.

 What is at stake is huge! Remember, Jesus told them in His generation "you missed your visitation! If we are not interested in His next coming we suffer the consequences of missing it yet again like religious of His day! For He will only come for "those who eagerly await Him." Hebrews 9:28

Principles Followed In Book

Jesus Himself prophesies His return! 

  1. Based on Harmonizing the Bible(2-3 witnesses) through the process then

  2. Staying true to Jesus teaching and example as the central testimony for His own timing.

  3. Unlocking prophetic time codes that are used by Jesus Himself we can locate the year or approximate years

  4. Respecting the historical progression of revelation from Moses to the Apostles and confirmed by their disciples through eliminating disharmony

  1. The bible doesn't teach Jesus can return at any moment, only that we don't know the very day of His return until the Abomination is setup. My book shows how to understand this.

  2. The bible doesn't teach God is random but has fixed times. For that matter all numbers mean something or represent something significant in the bible. These heresies have diminished His beauty and perfection. 

  3. If we are to take the bible seriously Jesus will return between 2027-2033 based on interpreting the third day goal and when Jesus reaches His goal. That leaves us not much time left!

  4. Pre, and Post tribulation positions are impossible to harmonize with the whole of revelation. 

  5. The coming of Christ comes suddenly without a logical sign, interrupting the Global p[arty of "peace and Safety". There is no seven year tribulation period taught in scriptures just 1335 days after the abomination.

  6. Christ does not come three times. We never leave His side once He arrives and there must be a honeymoon before the feast! So the Day of the Lord is a period not a single day in which we are the Ark above the earth.

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