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"to those who eagerly await Him" Hebrews 9:28

"Not in darkness that the day should come like a thief"

 1 Thessalonians 5:4

CJ & Shauna Michaels

     What a joy to open a new chapter in our lives here in Georgia. 3 year a ago we left California 2700 miles to answer the call to broadcast His soon coming to His bride in this nation!

     We are currently meeting in our home on Sunday & Friday nights to disciple others raising up lovers and watchers of Jesus. Shauna & I married 8 years ago by God's design,. We have enjoyed a solid partnership serving the body of Christ from Chico to Georgia. We are still learning how to use our diverse giftings.

     The  ALIYA media center was a vision for broadcasting to the nation. It is located in our upper room in our home. We finally launched here in 2024. Using my two prong giftings of heart worship & heart preaching I am currently producing messages and encounters of true righteousness for His bride.

Our mission can be found in the verses above.

     Please consider joining us in some fashion. We are in the beginning stages of planning outreaches.


Meet the Team

Our team is ever growing as more are added. We are into identifying talents and gifting in the Holy Spirit and allowing their proper function in our body ministry and outreaches.

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