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Time Is Running Out

2001 the whisper came, "write about this". I had discovered what seemed to me the greatest single evidence of when Jesus was returning because it came from His own mouth. This couldn't be this easy I said, "It's coming from the star witnesses mouth!". During this period, I had seen many start turning away from the word of God for understanding the "when" of His timetable. Either people got some crazy ideas or just stop caring anymore. Maybe we just all got tired of the false predictions based on misinterpreting the words of Jesus. However mind you the Apostles were wrong in their estimations as well and they walked with Jesus. This is more to do with God's ability to conceal until the final generation than anything else.

Still I didn't want to be a date setter or alarmist so I put it off., For me I was enjoying once my faith in His return being solid based on His words, it felt good. I started living fully knowing when He wasn't random and cared to reveal it to those who seek. So I made a deal, "if no one writes about this in the next ten years I will". I figured someone better at writing would explain it better. That time came and went.

Oh boy if I only knew what was required of me, as God reminded me it was time. Time had run out but God was gracious with me. The next three years I spent thinking I was going to get started writing soon only to have God drive me into history, greek, research and countless nights turning over disharmonious points. Search led to another search, as I learned how much I was wrong and others as well who had found short cuts to making a lot of money selling their books on the subject. As a master puzzle maker, I had to piece together every scriptures from all over the bible. As an analyst, context and logic needed to be respected.

Next I knew God wanted my heart right which then was another year wrestling over how to approach the subject. I was determined that the bible was harmonious, reliable, accurate and the future glorious for His bride! In the process my eyes opened, I discovered an amazing event will occur unlike any ever before, so glorious it is hard to believe but it is very biblical. This has me so excited to see Jesus soon!

Now it's like I can't get this stuff out fast enough. So much is happening right before my eyes. We have seen the world drastically change on so many fronts over these years since I started this project in 2011. I use to say how could the love of many grow cold. Now we wouldn't question that as already possible and occurring.


So I'll start in this article with the basics. We are being lied to! It's no wonder that Jesus has to tell us first and foremost, don't be deceived by those who say they are "Christ's"! From where, from Christian pulpits saying, Jesus can come anytime FALSE! Saying No one can know the time, FALSE! All this creates is confusion over the many passages warning to be looking for His return, alert. Instead we spend much more time preparing people for this life to enjoy it fully.

If God doesn't want us to know or made it impossible to know, then why look for it? The word tells us why this line of thinking is promoted. Peter called these mockers as "following their lusts" 2 Peter 3:3 and in fact they are "Christians" saying, "Where is the promise of His coming." Ok, so how can I say these teaching are wrong you ask? Simple, the Apostles gave things that must take place first, precursors, there are seven of them only three are left. So Jesus cannot come at anytime until the last precursor occurs then He can come on a day no one would think. "at an hour when you do not think" Matthew 24:44


This alone should cause a pause. He cannot come at any predictable day, ruling out the mid or post tribulation positions based on the accurate counting of days from the Abomination in Daniel 12 and the false believe of a Seven Year Tribulation that has a marker for the start. I can rule out Pre-Tribulation easier and more often based on thoroughly messing with Jesus context, who said "when these things begin" Luke 21:28 For them to begin we must locate which things in the context. Well all the things are amassed above in the Great Tribulation in which Revelation says a "great multitude comes out of."

Understand the Pre-Tribulationist is mainly concerned that we don't inherit the wrath of God which we don't. In fact, since there is no seven year tribulation and just 30 days between the Abomination by the government worldwide and the Beast boast of being God and having been given authority; the end occurs quickly with just a short period for us the Bride (ready saints) which God Sovereignly cuts short. Before all that everyone is "Peace and Safety", so we see a massive set-up by two thieves; God and Satan. Who has your heart, who will get you? Will you stay alert?


You can yell all you want "no one knows the day" and I will agree. The context is 24 hour day, the literal start of His revealing or coming which is plural days. The end isn't Jesus shows up visibly, for even He warns against this. No He is a type of Noah that loads Has family into an ark above the earth during the judgement of the world. Pretty harmonious simple if followed correctly, Jesus emphasizes heavily the parallel. So good news, we have a honeymoon coming up above the clouds, we are gathered to the lower air (1 Thessalonians 4:17) and later gathered from there "from one end of the sky to the other" Matthew 24:31

Back to Jesus words and why I got started in this, I have discovered it is possible to know the year(s) possible for the end of the age. My next article.

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