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Awakening Righteousness

So much is going in our day it would be easy to pick an angle and run with it, Like Alice In Wonderland we would soon find ourselves far from where we started. Never has so much come to light in such little time. On top of that, we have the complexity and diversity of opinions being spoken over so much of what we are even unsure is accurate news.

This is the price of technology I'm sure. Yet what is important? What is worth our time, energy and devotion? What battle are we to wage that brings about the best return? Many would be right to say the issue of LIFE! They fight for the rights of the unborn child, against human trafficking and a myriad of the other LIFE altering injustices and needs out there. I applaud those committed to bring awareness to our hearts.

Personally I struggle at times to balance life. I have such a hunger to compete athletically, to perfect my artistry in music and then do ministry that I am constantly reminded of the more excellent things in life. Not my projects, not my accomplishments, but my relationships starting with God. Nothing has shown me the importance of sowing into people then having daughters. True, as much as I love writing, playing piano, putting together messages and doing meetings for my Lord Jesus; all this pails in comparison to the meaningfulness of relationships.

Maybe we forget that the word "righteous" comes from the idea of standing right before another. If I am not the father I was called to be to my daughter then those relationships are not righteous. The same would go for my boss, co-workers or especially my brothers and sisters in Christ. The word says "to submit one to another" Ephesians. So it always amazes me how independent we are to each other in the body of Christ, a true sign of unrighteousness happening at the top.

Yes our right standing with God isn't a given because of Christ! We must apply Him to our lives for that to be true. In fact so many do not even have a relationship with God to begin with because they have never entered through the narrow door of repentance and gratitude. What is truly sad is many haven't a clue what a right relationship looks like or feels like. Most marriages are being built on co-dependance and usury, most children want to live off their parents as a right, most parents have lost track of a desire to really raise their children. Satan hates relationships built on trust, love and honor.

If you think about it revival is all about awakening the reality of who God is! The more I get it, the more I realize I am not right with Him. He deserves better. He deserves more of me. The more I see Him the more a love is born for others and I must make restitution, restore, and be broken for others. On and on until nothing unholy can enter our encounter with Him. This level of purity of relating to Him commands His favor and unleashes His power all around us.

So I presented us with a question. What battle should we be fighting for? What will make the most difference in our lives? The answer our pursuit of Him. For in Him we are truly who we are suppose to be. Our greatest self is in abandonment to Him. I can never fail by giving to God what He deserves. This will always make me an awesome person who can love himself and others. My marriage depends on it, my calling depends on it, my daughters depend on it. This brings life!

For what do you say to the child with horrible parents, to the teenager raped repeatedly, to those through which hope seems lost with no ground to stand on. What do you say if you never knew Him righteously? For until you can make your life at peace with Him, you will not see a place that no weapon can touch. Friends there is a place that though we are tormented, harassed in the flesh we can have peace concerning ourselves from Him. A place where His word is final and our hearts assured.

Cry out! If there is any doubt about where you are with Him.

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