Mission Statement

Awakening Glory Ministries encompasses a two pronged approach to accomplishing our mission of spreading the message of the Coming Kingdom

​     Shauna and I have been married for time since April 2016. In that time though God has revealed His purpose for our union. We definitely had no idea how beautifully our lives together would fit the mold for the ministry we had in our hearts buried.  
     A ministry defined by our very testimony of imperfect lives transformed over time by the forbearance and love of our Papa God. What I am saying is we represent something in the heart of God revealed in the pages of scriptures we call the bible.
     His desire to take treasures from the ashes off our self efforts to display His power and glory within our earthen vessels.Out of our own broken dreams we realize we are His dream. A bride forged in affliction that the world cannot overcome.
     Our mission is Jesus commands to wait, receive and be His witnesses by loving one another and going into all the world. Herein is all of His commands. Our vision is to see our calling develop into raising a distinct people defined by their courage & faith to actively pursue Him in the light of the day they live in. 

CJ & Shauna

Local Mission -

  • promote gatherings where encountering Jesus can take place through the declarative preaching of the Word and prophetic evangelistic worship takes place.

  • In this environment train and encourage body ministry through watchful prayers, acts of kindness, prophetic championing. 

  • From these bonds and relationships actively seek those who desire to care, lead and have gifting to be mentored

Global Mission -

  • promote the spread of the Gospel of the Coming Kingdom by books, music, and media broadcasting of events or podcast.

  • network with other organizations with like minded goals of advancing the message of NOW giving light to His bride to be ready

  • train from local body a team to go out for conferences and concerts to do works of service.