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Jesus Himself prophesies His return! 

The Coming Days of the King  

by cj Michaels 

   Many blame in my generation were too eager to cry "Wolf" and set dates to when Jesus would return. We were labeled escapist who didn't realize the importance of the Kingdom living inside us now, and rightly so. In reaction to this we have eaten the fruit of lies poured into our present day churches that are very unbiblical. Which is we are not to be concerned with His return.

   My book exposes why this is dangerous, why these lies are stealing from His bride the joy of what is ahead for her. God is not random, His timing perfect and He has shown us in His word a consistent pattern to reveal to only the generation that will be alive the "when". Well that time has arrived, we are that generation.

    What is at stake is huge! Remember, Jesus told His generation "you missed your visitation! If we are not interested in His next coming we will not be taken!"will appear a second time for salvation without reference to sin, to those who eagerly await Him." Hebrews 9:28

  • Based on Harmonizing the Bible(2-3 witnesses)

  • Staying true to Jesus teaching as central

  • Unlocking prophetic time codes that are used by Jesus

  • Respecting historical progression of revelation from Moses to Apostles and confirmed by there disciples

  • my book will prove ...

  1. The bible doesn't teach Jesus can return at any moment, only any moment in a period after the last precursor.

  2. The bible doesn't teach God is random but has fixed time. For that matter all numbers mean something in the bible. 

  3. If we are to take the bible seriously Jesus will return between 2027-2033 based on corresponding signs pointing the same period. That leaves us not much time left!

  4. Pre, Mid and Post tribulation positions are all wrong in biblically impossible to harmonize.

  5. The coming of Christ comes before the end and it occurs suddenly without a logical sign. There is no seven year tribulation period taught in scriptures just 1335 days after the abomination.

  6. Christ does not come three times. We never leave His side and there must be a honeymoon before the feast! So I teach the Days plural of Christ and the Bride above the earth during His day, or the Day of the Lord.

  7. So don't miss it! Read my book.